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Brise Soleil & Louvres

Square 1 can provide a solution for all your Brie Soleil and Louvre requirements
As proud partners with RENSON UK we have a multitude of systems in a multitude of designs for your project.

Loggia sliding panels: possible sun protection solution for all projects

Loggia sliding panels are a wonderful product:

They prevent the effects of direct sunlight on warm days, yet you can slide them open in the winter and the seasons in between to enjoy the free solar heat in the home. Sliding panels such as these are executed in various materials and give you the privacy desired. Depending on the situation and your needs, you have the choice of no less than three different sliding systems: simple sliding (individual control), symmetrical sliding (two panels are interconnected) or telescopic sliding (two or more panels on a variety of bottom rails).

LINIUS Louvre systems

Which louvre is suitable for your application?
Louvres come in many different varieties. Your preferred method of installation, and the levels of air-permeability and water-repellence are just a few of the factors which will determine your choice of louvres.

Icarus Quickfix vertical ICA.100

Sun protection in front of the window with uninterrupted blinds. The blinds are clipped onto an aluminium support structure with an optional blind step

Also available:

  • Trickle vents
  • Fabric shading
  • External Roller Blinds
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